Additional setup charge may apply, All prices are in BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) per Month based.

  • 2 Mbps

    500 /Month
    • Unlimited Download
    • Unlimited Upload
    • 256 KBps Internet Browsing
    • Up to 2 users
    • 3 MBps from Dnet Drive
    • 500 KBps from YouTube
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  • 4 Mbps

    700 /Month
    • Unlimited Download
    • Unlimited Upload
    • 512 KBps Internet Browsing
    • Up to 4 users
    • 5 MBps from Dnet Drive
    • 700 KBps from YouTube
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  • 6 Mbps

    1000 /Month
    • Unlimited Download
    • Unlimited Upload
    • 768 KBps Internet Browsing
    • Up to 6 users
    • 8 MBps from Dnet Drive
    • 1 MBps from YouTube
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  • 8 Mbps

    1500 /Month
    • Unlimited Download
    • Unlimited Upload
    • 1 MBps Internet Browsing
    • Up to 8 users
    • 9 MBps from Dnet Drive
    • 1.5 MBps from YouTube
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Services Overview

Choose a plan

When it comes to choosing an Internet Plan you might get confused. Most of the users use WiFi nowadays, So we recommend to choose the 6 Mbps connection.

Setting up connection

After choosing a plan you can click the order now button or may call us, we will note your address and one of our technician will set up your connection within 72 hours.

Get connected

After we connect our optical fiber cable to your WiFi Router or PC via CAT6 cable, we will set up the necessary settings to the machine to ensure everything is working fine.


You can call our customer service if you find any problem with your internet connection and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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