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How do I test my Internet speed?

1. To get the accurate speed, Please connect your computer to the modem directly with wire, (Disable the Wireless network Connection on pc and power off the Wireless router), Close other software.

2. Open browser and type in address bar

3. Click “BEGIN TEST”

4. It will show the PING, Download SPEED, and UPLOAD SPEED, Ping mean the network latency, then lower the better. Generally the Ping should be below 50ms

5. Please test for as more times, and take the average value. We recommend you test the speed in different time frames (Morning, afternoon, evening). The evening speed may fluctuate, it can not represent the real speed.

Can D-Net Service guarantee the maximum speed?

Because of the nature of internet, the maximum speed available depends on the line condition, distance to Central Office, Time of Day, Test method, routers, and many other factors, we can not guarantee the maximum speed all the time, however we will try our best to provide the fastest speed as possible under your profile from our network to the modem at your home.

Does D-Net Service block any port?

No. we do not block any port.

Can I get static IP?

If you are using Cable internet, your IP would not change for a long time till you change another router or the cable company makes network change.

If you are using DSL internet, it is dynamic IP but you can request a static IP with a monthly charge BDT. 500 per month.

Does D-Net Service slow down traffic in peak hour?

Currently D-Net Service is not implementing any of traffic management.

Does D-Net Service internet support VPN?

Our network and routers all supports VPN pass through

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